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Sadly www.javafinch.com is no longer a FREE website.

I no longer keep the lovely Java Sparrows but would like to offer my wealth of information about keeping and breeding the sparrows alive on the internet, I did try a donations button all last year and only one grateful person donated, I have to pay to keep this site up and running so I am introducing a small one off fee of £3.00 to become a member, you can always re-apply for your user name & password by giving the original email address you used when paying with PayPal
NEW! Photo Page Now Live 09/07/2013

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What happens when you have paid: ...... I will email your user name and password with in 24hrs, if I am on the computer I will send it immediately
Below is a small sample of pages you will see on my website plus much more!!.....see bottom of page for the full map of javafinch.com
  • Breeding
  • Sexing
  • Mutations
  • Egg Food
  • Cutting Nails
  • Genetics
breeding   The Breeding page is packed with all the information you will need to know about breeding this lovely bird, with tips, photos plus excel files to help with breeding, I spent many hours putting this page together.
sexing   One of the most hit pages over the years, sexing is one of the hardest things when it comes to Javas BUT! hopefully this page will go a long way to showing you how to sex your Javas
mut    A page showing in colour some of the rear and common mutations of the Java sparrow
egg food  I have many projects pages on the site showing in step by step photos on how to make things, this egg food recipe is quite popular with all bird keeper
nail cutting How to look after your Java's nails in step by step photos and what to do when things go wrong!

New! Page on Genetics
Now live 02/06/2013

Java Sparrow Genetics Page

At last one of the missing pages off my site has now
gone live, the genetics of the java sparrow .
java finch
Map of Site Contents: ... 39webpages and 8 FREE! Downloads all this for a small fee of £3.00 if it was a book you would be paying a lot more!
NEW! 2013 Genetics
Cutting Nails
Hear Cock Java
Toxic Plants
Java Mutations
Egg Calculator
Build Hospital Cage
Build a Cage
Build a Nest box
Make Egg Food
Build a Bird Room
Make Perch Blocks
Build Bird Room & Flight
Grow Meal Worms
Hand Tame Javas
Project 2006/2007
Soak Seed
Wire Cages
Java Video
NEW! 2013 My Java's
Wild Java Sparrows
Agate Java photos
Hawk Attacking Javas
Website In Japan
Newspaper Cutting
Steve Nesbitt Visit
Stuart Drury Visit
Bird Room Diary
2007 Diary Archive
The Three Java Men
My E-Books
Bird Tracker Program
2009 Java Recorder
Other Bird Sites
World Database
Record Sheets
Nest Box Sheets
Free Java Images
Java Wallpaper
PDF Files
Colour A Java
Screen Saver
Java Fact Sheet
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